How To Install:  Firestick or Fire Tv devices

How to Install 

Instructions for firesticks (fire cubes, fire tv’s, fire boxes) 

First and easy steps –

here is video link to install: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdM53pdPFoA

go to to settings

go to my fire tv

go to developer options

turn on adb debugging (after done downloading apps turn off) optional

turn on apps from unknown sources

go home

go to find or search (downloader)

download and install (downloader app)

open downloader

where it says enter url

enter unlinked.linked (click go)

click download android app, then install, then open

go to add library and enter library code EC7534C7

all your apps will be available for download and install  

Use this link for any device to download apps, (downloader included):    https://unlinked.link 

 HERE IS HOW TO INSTALL VIDEO link     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdM53pdPFoA



Go to search on your fire device and search downloader

Download and install Downloader on your fire device (Enter numbers only) 




TERRAZAS ULTRA TV:            67142 

TERRAZAS GALAXY:                 15895

USA TODAY TV:                        62837

TERRAZAS TV LIVE xc:            75468

TERRAZAS TV LIVE sm:           83967 


TERRAZAS THEATER 1.3:         29483  

(incase of download error)   here is video to fix    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJh7wVMgpcQ        



To order username and password  go to Trials and Shop  or click this link   http://www.terrazastv.com 

)     https://www.duplexplay.com/Install on Android Box 

 Smarters iptv player:  here is link to download for windows, ios, mac, and android   https://www.iptvsmarters.com/#downloads 

Other 3rd party apps:

  IPTV Smarters Pro Download on WindowsIPTV Smarters Pro


Install Apple Ios:    Download and install compatible apps like (Extreme Iptv player, Smarters Iptv player, or GSE ) good for Apple Tv, IPhones, IPads

Install Tivimate :     Use m3u playlist plus given (after service purchase is made),  copy and paste or type in Url 


Install Android Box :   

Install on Android Box

Install Going to Google Play Store search for app called Terrazas Tv app

Install Using also download these  links:    (just go to browser and type in link)

      APP                                        Link

USA TODAY TV:                   aftv.news/62837
TERRAZAS TV STREAMS:    aftv.news/63524
TERRAZAS TV SMARTERS:  aftv.news/42582
TERRAZAS GALAXY xc:       aftv.news/15895
TERRAZAS THEATER 1.3:    aftv.news/29483
TERRAZAS TV LIVE xc:        aftv.news/75468
TERRAZAS TV LIVE sm:       aftv.news/83967
TERRAZAS ULTRA:               aftv.news/67142
TERRAZAS CINEMA:            aftv.news/20019


Install Google Play Store App:    Search for app called Terrazas Tv app or click on link:   


Windows:    For any browser  ( http://webtv.terrazastv.com/index.php ) can also download and use Smarters iptv player

You can simply click the “Webplayer” link in the menu at the top right of the website.


Watch on Xbox One:    Use browser   ( http://webtv.terrazastv.com/index.php )   Other option is use Duplex Player


Smart Tvs LG and Samsung , Windows, XboxOne, Amazon fire tv:  Use duplex iptv player  https://www.duplexplay.com/ 


Duplex Install:  Its one of multiple platform support application to run your IPTV subscription contents. Duplex IPTV have easy to use interface and easy installation. We explain how to install it on your (LG and Samsung Smart TVs, Windows, XboxOne, Amazon fire tv)   Click on link  https://www.duplexplay.com/  good for almost all devices


Install on Android Box
Install Using Browser ( URL is https://bit.ly/ttvmax )
The process is similar to installing on Amazon device except you will use your browser app instead of downloader app to get our tv app 

You can also download our app on Google Play Store just look up Terrazas Tv app or click on the menu to download  


Roku installment: Not availiable at this time


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