Smart Tv’s LG, Samsung and I think Sony smart tvs now have a 3rd party app available in their app store that will allow you to use our service without the need for a device like a firestick. Typically only found on newer tvs. You want to search for and get the app called “IPTV Smarters Player” or Duplex iptv app also GSE Smart Iptv. You will enter literally any name on the top line, then your login details and on the bottom line use the following url for the server address…..


These URLS to be used for Smarters Iptv players including Duplex iptv or GSE Smart Iptv

Terrazas Tv  http://asylumtv.ddns.net:8000

Terrazas Tv Max Live http://reloadedlive.xyz:8080

Terrazas Galaxy http://supportstreams.net:80

For Android boxes phones or tables you can down load my app on google play store by looking up Terrazas Tv app or by using this link


For Apple Tv:  Download Smarters Iptv,  on any name just put service name then just type in username and password, then type url for your service  (Urls listed above)

Install Using Filelinked (get.filelinked.com Filelinked code is 13136160)
Process is similar to doing it on an Amazon device but you will use your browser app instead of downloader to get filelinked and use it. You can refer to the Amazon video for more details.

How To Install
If your device is new or you have never “sideloaded” any apps before, you will need to turn on “Allow Apps from Unknown Sources”. To do this on an Amazon Fire device, go to Settings>Device(my fire tv)>Developer Options and then turn on all the options there. Other devices you will have to find the option within your settings.
PLEASE NOTE – The URLs or filelinked code shown within the videos below may not be the most updated or proper URLs/code to use. The process shown is correct but please make sure you’re using the URL/code that was either given to you to use or the one listed above the video.

Installation Videos
For Amazon Fire Devices
Install Using Downloader ( URL is https://bit.ly/ttvmax )


Install using Filelinked (get.filelinked.com Filelinked code is 13136160)


Install on Android Box
Install Using Browser ( URL is https://bit.ly/ttvmax )
The process is similar to installing on Amazon device except you will use your browser app instead of downloader app to get our tv app

Roku installment: go to search channels, search masterminds, install masterminds, open masterminds enter code 2D7478, then enter username and password

Note: Masterminds roku code is only good for Terrazas Tv

Roku installment 2: go to search channels, search purple iptv, install purple iptv, open purple iptv ender code 1EF227, then enter username and password

Note: Purple Iptv code is good for Terrazas Galaxy and Terrazas Tv Max Live


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